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Professional Services

Accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers…
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Professional Services

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More accurate tracking, scheduling, and costing

See exactly how members of your team have been spending time by project and task. With easy, clear, intuitive reporting. Accurate project allocation and scheduling.

QLIKO’s unique future scheduling also allows you to see what every employee is working on over the coming days, weeks and months. At a glance you see the availability of everyone on your team for very accurate project planning, costing and efficient allocation of your resources.

Such a high degree of accuracy means

  • You dramatically reduce cost and time overruns
  • You easily pinpoint causes for overruns, to eliminate them
  • You plan with optimal efficiency
  • You can make more accurate project costings
  • You realise the true productivity potential of your company, and each individual within it
  • You have happier clients, quicker

QLIKO also has a virtual time clock on mobile devices with GPS location to pinpoint mobile workers as they sign in, wherever they are.

Quicker communication, more effective teams

For more effective communication, QLIKO instant messenger is far more efficient than email, offering;

  • All communications in one place
  • Instant, easy file and screenshot-sharing
  • Prioritisation features
  • Instant history search and comment recall
  • Virtual ‘team room’ creation for collaborated projects
  • Easy client-integration
  • Easy synchronisation with time tracking

Built by a large software company for its day-to-day management

QLIKO has been tweaked and refined for over a decade. Based on advanced IBM technology with the design used in sophisticated financial industry software, yet simplified for easy everyday use and integration. QLIKO offers companies in professional services a powerful, effective, easy-to-implement productivity-boosting tool. The only time management solution with predictive time scheduling. See one of our professional services customer stories here.

Blue Collar Business

Construction, manufacturing, maintenance…
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Blue Collar Business

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Cut costs, eliminate ‘buddy punching’ and ‘phantom hours’

QLIKO offers the most advanced and practical employee attendance tracking, both on the shop floor and remotely. For an extremely high level of productivity and cost-control in blue collar businesses such as construction, manufacturing or maintenance.

Tablet software allows for easy, unobtrusive face-scanning as employees arrive at work. Employee hours are tracked on an easy-to-use interface with simple printable reporting. This provides;

  • Accurate, verified time and attendance capture
  • Simple payroll processing
  • No more ‘buddy punching’
  • Easy labour law compliance
  • Reduced phantom hours and overtime
  • Optimal efficiency in use of resources

Time-tracking with pinpoint accuracy, onsite or offsite

QLIKO ’s virtual clock feature tracks time and location for mobile employees. The version for mobile devices has GPS for easy sign-ups and location pinpointing when they’re mobile.

Refined over a decade of use in business, the QLIKO time management tool is built on sophisticated IBM technology. Simplified and made practical for your everyday use.

See one of our blue collar business customer stories here.

Help Desks

Faster client support for tech or any companies…
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Help Desks

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QLIKO help desk tool was developed over a decade in a large software company. Visually intuitive and easy to use, it makes issue-tracking and problem resolution quick and simple.

It also tracks time and cost of issue-resolution, so you can improve productivity over time. The ideal tool for efficient customer support in any tech company.

Faster resolution, happier customers

  • See the history of any client or problem instantly
  • Prioritize issues simply with one click
  • Instant messaging, easy for clients to use
  • Share screen-captures, embedded within messages with one click
  • Create ‘team rooms’ to collaborate on issues
  • Archive and recall messages and comments, for confident dispute resolution

With faster, easier issue tracking and resolution, QLIKO saves you cost and improves your productivity. For happier customers experiencing less needless frustration.

Track issue effectiveness, boost your productivity

QLIKO ’s powerful time tracking and scheduling tool allows you to track exactly how well issues are being dealt with, to improve processes over time.

The unique scheduling feature allows you to plan the time of your employees with pinpoint accuracy. For more effective cost and time predictions, and efficient use of resources. See more about QLIKO ’s time management tools here.

today, and start resolving your issues faster.

See one of our help desk customer stories here.

Time Management, Optimized

  • Time Scheduling- With one glance know all your employees’ upcoming availability. Schedule work accurately and efficiently.
  • Time Tracking- Track by project, task or issue. Boost employee productivity, reduce cost overruns and improve project costing.
  • Time Clocking- Manage attendance accurately for payroll processing. Capture workers’ faces, eliminate buddy punching.
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Easy Tracking.
Accurate Scheduling.
Maximum Efficiency.

Boost productivity, cut cost overruns

Crystal clear time tracking to see how effectively your employees are working. Track attendance, and time assigned and spent on each project, task or issue.

Accumulate time and costing by individual or team and by project, task or issue to compare it with your plan. Easily pinpoint inefficiencies and dramatically improve employee and system productivity. History of time records makes it easy to analyze and fix causes of overruns.

Super-simple interface. Simply select an employee, and open a detailed easy-to-print report for any time period. Including the future with assigned work.

Know employee availability, plan tasks and fees accurately

QLIKO has a unique feature where at a glance you can see all your employee hours assigned to each project, task or issue. You see employee availability in the coming days, weeks and months. To know instantly who has how much time spare, and when.

Time tracking is fluidly integrated with future scheduling for optimal efficiency in planning. This unique and powerful feature is ideal for lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and any professional services company.

Track attendance, cut overtime, absences and ‘buddy punching’

Use QLIKO software on the shop floor to scan employees’ faces. For accurate, verified time capture, attendance and approvals. Eliminate ‘buddy punching’, reduce overtime and phantom work hours.

The virtual time clock has a version for mobile device with GPS location. You can pinpoint mobile workers as they sign in on their mobile devices, wherever they are.

Makes for easy payroll processing and labor law compliance. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and any blue collar business with employees on the shop floor.

Help Desk, Simplified

  • Easy, streamlined communication – with one glance understand problem and client history. Address and fix issues on the spot.
  • Instant messaging with easy file, video and screenshot sharing – all communication in one place, cut down on cc mails.
  • Simple prioritising, search, classifying and archiving – never miss anything out, resolve disputes with confidence.
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Intuitive Interface.
Clear Communication.
Quick Resolutions.

Better customer service, simple, elegant, powerful

Intuitively simple instant messaging and issue tracking. Very easy for customers to use. See entire customer and problem history at a glance, for quick, effective issue resolution and happy users.

All communications in one place, not in different user email inbox or trash. Cut down on unnecessary cc: mail.

Powerful chat tools, crystal clear communication

One-click sharing for screenshots, files and videos. Screenshots embedded in chat messages. No more miscommunication wasting time, cost and resources. Less customer frustration.

Virtual ‘team room’ to collaborate and resolve problems quickly.

Clear issue status, classification and archiving

Instantly find previous comments, click and share in chat. Simple prioritising and classifying messages, chat threads and issues. Easy archiving and recall to make disputes disappear faster.

Refined over a decade at a large software firm, QLIKO help desk is ideal for any tech company support.

Tailored to you

Your help desk needs are unique. When you sign up, we’ll customise your solution.

With Qliko, we know our available hours for months in advance. We know how time is being used, and which activities and employee are most productive- it's a big competitive advantage.
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Tan Chee Seong
CS Lucas
Now we know the exact manpower hours in real-time for every project. Reporting and payroll processing is very accurate, faster, and far less costly.
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Tan Lih Tuan
Managing Director