8 Secrets of a Highly Productive HR Department


v3 (1) 2The number one priority of any company, no matter the size or industry type, is to become as efficient as possible. With efficiency comes the ability to increase profits and reduce spending. The focus of the Human Resources department is to manage employees in an effective way to assist in the number one priority of efficiency. Instead of trying to go at it alone, there are tools including time management software, attendance management systems, and task tracking software that can increase your productivity while also making the job of HR easier. Here are 8 secrets of a highly productive HR department your company can use to streamline functioning.

#1 Empower Employees with Tools to Solve Problems

When working in the Human Resources department, you expect your employees to come to you with their issues. This is generally what takes up the most amount of time while running this part of the company. However, it is important to be able to focus on other aspects of the job instead of spending so much time simple answers. The way to do that successfully is by finding a way for your workers to solve their own problems before they have to bring them to you. With the right resources, employees can have access to the information they need to answer their own questions.

Software is now available which offers issue tracking, time tracking, attendance tracking, staff scheduling, and much more. When workers have questions surrounding any of these departments, they can simply go in and access the details themselves. They may be able to resolve their issue without having to go to HR at all. As a result, HR departments can put their energy into other more complex tasks.

#2 Employee Responsibility for Updating Personal Records

When an employee moves, changes their phone number, or any of their other personal details are altered, they usually have to go to HR and have their file updated. With the proper software, you can allow them limited access to this information along with the ability to make their own alterations instead of tying up an HR employee. This equates to more free time once again.

#3 Online Tools to Simplify Benefit Management

Staying up-to-date on the benefits that employees receive can be one of the most undesirable tasks for HR professionals. There are now online programs that permit workers to go in and explore their benefits on their own and make any of the changes that they feel are needed. This is something that is fairly simple to use and employees actually enjoy being able to see all of the details of their insurances, 401k, and other profits in front of them. It is a win-win.

#4 Time Card Management

Keeping track of employee hours and time sheets is another time-consuming job of the HR department. With time clocking software, this task becomes one that requires very little attention. A software solution like Qliko offers a time tracking software that employees can easily use from a smartphone or tablet. They simply scan a QR code that tracks their time, project, and location. The information is then synced to the HR department and payroll for review. The job of going over pages of clock ins and clock outs is nearly eliminated.

#5 Compliance Tracking, Reporting and Automatic Reminders

Part of running a company includes that every person working remains in compliance with government requirements like HIPPA, ADA, or FEHA. The research and training that goes along with staying up-to-date with compliance can be simply completed now with task tracking software.

These types of programs allow you to send out automatic reminders so that your workers know what they need to do as far as reporting and compliance training. Your job is reduced to simply finding the right process to work for your business.

#6 Streamline PTO with Online Scheduling Tools

Attendance and time off is another big role that falls onto the desks of HR specialists. Although this duty is one that is important, it can be simplified with the right attendance tracking software. When a worker needs to take a day off, you probably get a slip of paper or email. You then review it, send it off for approval, it comes back, then you inform the employee that it has been accepted.

An attendance management system will make this process much easier. Employees can access a calendar and input their requests for time off right there. All the department officials that need to see it will be able to and the permission can be given instantly. The details will then automatically be sent off to the payroll department and the job is done without wasting a lot of time or other resources.

#7 Use Software to Resolve Issues Efficiently

Issues that arise in your business will also take up a lot of your production time. Qliko comes in again and offers a more streamlined process for dealing with any problems that do come up. Their software has an issue management function which lets as many people as necessary have access to the conversation so that the resolution is a complete one. With a drag and drop function, screenshots can be taken and used so that the issue is clearly understood. There is also the ability to link problems to similar issues so that similar past situations can be referenced. The entire issue history is always accessible through Qliko’s Online Help Desk. This leads to faster resolutions of any issues that occur.

#8 Maximize Resources and Budget with Transparent Tracking of Staff and Projects

Lastly, you have to be able to plan efficiently in order to maintain your professional image. With time management software, your staff can report the time they are using on their projects and schedule time that will be needed in the future. Management can then track these times and resources being used to maximize the budget and save the company money. Qliko’s software also offers the ability to explore the actual time reports versus the scheduled time to see how accurate employees are in reporting their availability.

Technology has changed how the most efficient and productive HR teams are functioning. Between web-based timesheets, attendance management systems, issue-tracking software, and all the many other functions Qliko offers, along with streamlining areas like benefits management and personal information updating, the HR department is guaranteed to be freed up substantially. Then, HR teams can focus on the areas where they are needed the most.

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