Blue Collar Business

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Cut costs, eliminate ‘buddy punching’ and ‘phantom hours’

QLIKO offers the most advanced and practical employee attendance tracking, both on the shop floor and remotely. For an extremely high level of productivity and cost-control in blue collar businesses such as construction, manufacturing or maintenance.

Tablet software allows for easy, unobtrusive face-scanning as employees arrive at work. Employee hours are tracked on an easy-to-use interface with simple printable reporting. This provides;

  • Accurate, verified time and attendance capture
  • Simple payroll processing
  • No more ‘buddy punching’
  • Easy labour law compliance
  • Reduced phantom hours and overtime
  • Optimal efficiency in use of resources

Time-tracking with pinpoint accuracy, onsite or offsite

QLIKO ’s virtual clock feature tracks time and location for mobile employees. The version for mobile devices has GPS for easy sign-ups and location pinpointing when they’re mobile.

Refined over a decade of use in business, the QLIKO time management tool is built on sophisticated IBM technology. Simplified and made practical for your everyday use.

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