Help Desks

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QLIKO help desk tool was developed over a decade in a large software company. Visually intuitive and easy to use, it makes issue-tracking and problem resolution quick and simple.

It also tracks time and cost of issue-resolution, so you can improve productivity over time. The ideal tool for efficient customer support in any tech company.

Faster resolution, happier customers

  • See the history of any client or problem instantly
  • Prioritize issues simply with one click
  • Instant messaging, easy for clients to use
  • Share screen-captures, embedded within messages with one click
  • Create ‘team rooms’ to collaborate on issues
  • Archive and recall messages and comments, for confident dispute resolution

With faster, easier issue tracking and resolution, QLIKO saves you cost and improves your productivity. For happier customers experiencing less needless frustration.

Track issue effectiveness, boost your productivity

QLIKO ’s powerful time tracking and scheduling tool allows you to track exactly how well issues are being dealt with, to improve processes over time.

The unique scheduling feature allows you to plan the time of your employees with pinpoint accuracy. For more effective cost and time predictions, and efficient use of resources. See more about QLIKO ’s time management tools here.

today, and start resolving your issues faster.

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