Professional Services

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More accurate tracking, scheduling, and costing

See exactly how members of your team have been spending time by project and task. With easy, clear, intuitive reporting. Accurate project allocation and scheduling.

QLIKO’s unique future scheduling also allows you to see what every employee is working on over the coming days, weeks and months. At a glance you see the availability of everyone on your team for very accurate project planning, costing and efficient allocation of your resources.

Such a high degree of accuracy means

  • You dramatically reduce cost and time overruns
  • You easily pinpoint causes for overruns, to eliminate them
  • You plan with optimal efficiency
  • You can make more accurate project costings
  • You realise the true productivity potential of your company, and each individual within it
  • You have happier clients, quicker

QLIKO also has a virtual time clock on mobile devices with GPS location to pinpoint mobile workers as they sign in, wherever they are.

Quicker communication, more effective teams

For more effective communication, QLIKO instant messenger is far more efficient than email, offering;

  • All communications in one place
  • Instant, easy file and screenshot-sharing
  • Prioritisation features
  • Instant history search and comment recall
  • Virtual ‘team room’ creation for collaborated projects
  • Easy client-integration
  • Easy synchronisation with time tracking

Built by a large software company for its day-to-day management

QLIKO has been tweaked and refined for over a decade. Based on advanced IBM technology with the design used in sophisticated financial industry software, yet simplified for easy everyday use and integration. QLIKO offers companies in professional services a powerful, effective, easy-to-implement productivity-boosting tool. The only time management solution with predictive time scheduling. See one of our professional services customer stories here.