Help Desk, Simplified

Intuitive Interface. Clear Communication. Quick Resolutions.

Better customer service, simple, elegant, powerful

Intuitively simple instant messaging and issue tracking. Very easy for customers to use. See entire customer and problem history at a glance, for quick, effective issue resolution and happy users.

All communications in one place, not in different user email inbox or trash. Cut down on unnecessary cc: mail.

Powerful chat tools, crystal clear communication

One-click sharing for screenshots, files and videos. Screenshots embedded in chat messages. No more miscommunication wasting time, cost and resources. Less customer frustration.

Virtual ‘team room’ to collaborate and resolve problems quickly.

Clear issue status, classification and archiving

Instantly find previous comments, click and share in chat. Simple prioritising and classifying messages, chat threads and issues. Easy archiving and recall to make disputes disappear faster.

Refined over a decade at a large software firm, QLIKO help desk is ideal for any tech company support.

Tailored to you

Your help desk needs are unique. When you sign up, we’ll customise your solution.