Time Management, Optimized

Easy Tracking. Accurate Scheduling. Maximum Efficiency.

Boost productivity, cut cost overruns

Crystal clear time tracking to see how effectively your employees are working. Track attendance, and time assigned and spent on each project, task or issue.

Accumulate time and costing by individual or team and by project, task or issue to compare it with your plan. Easily pinpoint inefficiencies and dramatically improve employee and system productivity. History of time records makes it easy to analyze and fix causes of overruns.

Super-simple interface. Simply select an employee, and open a detailed easy-to-print report for any time period. Including the future with assigned work.

Know employee availability, plan tasks and fees accurately

QLIKO has a unique feature where at a glance you can see all your employee hours assigned to each project, task or issue. You see employee availability in the coming days, weeks and months. To know instantly who has how much time spare, and when.

Time tracking is fluidly integrated with future scheduling for optimal efficiency in planning. This unique and powerful feature is ideal for lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and any professional services company.

Track attendance, cut overtime, absences and ‘buddy punching’

Use QLIKO software on the shop floor to scan employees’ faces. For accurate, verified time capture, attendance and approvals. Eliminate ‘buddy punching’, reduce overtime and phantom work hours.

The virtual time clock has a version for mobile device with GPS location. You can pinpoint mobile workers as they sign in on their mobile devices, wherever they are.

Makes for easy payroll processing and labor law compliance. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and any blue collar business with employees on the shop floor.